Cómo elegir el bikini perfecto según tu tipo de cuerpo

How to choose the perfect bikini according to your body type

When it comes to finding the perfect bikini, it's important to take your body type into account and highlight your best assets. At VolcanoBlood.es, we understand the importance of feeling confident and comfortable with your choice of bikini. Follow these tips to find the bikini that best suits your figure and enhances your unique beauty.

Hourglass shaped body

If you have an hourglass-shaped body, with proportionate curves at the top and bottom and a defined waist, you are in luck, since almost any style of bikini will flatter you. However, to enhance your figure, you can opt for bikinis with tight tops and high-waisted bottoms that accentuate your waist. Bikinis with bold prints can also help highlight your curves.

Inverted triangle body

If your body has shoulders wider than your hips, you have an inverted triangle body type. In this case, it is advisable to visually balance your proportions. Opt for bikinis with bow or curtain-type bottoms, or for eye-catching prints on the bottom to create more volume in the hip area. Our two-piece swimsuits are a good alternative as they flatter all body types, highlighting the hips. Low-cut or Brazilian-style panties can help soften your shoulder line.

pear body

If you have hips and thighs wider than your shoulders, you have a pear-shaped body. The goal is to highlight the upper body and balance the proportions. Choose bikinis with tops with striking details to draw attention to the bust. High-cut panties can hide your hips and elongate your legs.

Rectangular type body

If your figure is more rectangular, with little difference between the measurements of your shoulders, waist and hips, you can create the illusion of curves with the right bikini. Opt for bikinis with prints and details on the top to add volume and shape to the bust. Panties with ties on the sides or details at the waist can help create the illusion of a narrower waist. Finally, our two-piece swimsuits are ideal for this body type specifically, since they visually accentuate the curves, by having the cut of the panties over the hips and the abdomen exposed.

Apple body

If you have a rounded figure with more weight in the middle of the body, you have an apple body. In this case, it is advisable to choose bikinis that provide support and definition to the bust area. Opt for high-waisted swimsuits and panties that help hide the abdominal area. Vertical or diagonal prints can help create a more streamlined look.

Remember that, beyond the specific advice for each body type, the most important thing is that you feel safe and comfortable in the bikini you choose. Any choice will be good and you can show off a great body with your favorite Volcano Blood. At VolcanoBlood.es, you will find a wide variety. Since we are all part of the “Volcano Team”!

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