Mystic Island Collection

The “Mystic Island” collection takes you to a mystical, contemplative island, a sacred island, full of energy, mysteries and marine treasures.

It is said that this mystical island is surrounded by mythological creatures, such as mermaids that live in its waters. It is also said that its depths house marine treasures; jewels, shells and precious stones at the bottom of the sea.

These stones, phenomena of nature, like quartz, are a fusion of water and sand that, over thousands of years, become crystals. There are also stones such as tourmaline, a symbol of passion, which has the vibration of love. Natural stones have the ability to balance energy, thanks to their magical properties, helping to increase the internal strength of the divine island.

Its sunrises and sunsets fill the island with color and spirituality, a wild habitat surrounded by flora and fauna where you can enter to discover a new world, where you can experience the union of the soul with divinity.

Its notoriety lies in its supposed supernatural privileges: in this land the rules of nature are altered to give way to magic.